Jeremy Larochelle – Musician

Jeremy Larochelle - Musician & Drummer

Jeremy Larochelle, Musician

Jeremy Larochelle has been in the music industry for over twenty years. He has studied at Berklee College of Music, with renowned drummer Kenwood Dennard, managed an act towards initial negotiations with a major label, toured the world, and wrote his book on drum set instruction.

“I walked into my first lesson and my instructor said. “Before we teach you to drum we have to teach you to dance.” He threw on some music and proceeded to show me how to dance. How to feel out the groove. When I was ready, he had me sit at the drums and told me to dance, but with the sticks in my hands.”

That lesson was supplemented by a magical interaction years later.

“While I was relaxing in the lobby of an upscale resort during a gig. This elder gentleman sat beside me and stated “you aren’t a guest here.” I confessed that I was working as the drummer in the show band. With a big smile, he introduced himself – the former Ambassador to South Africa.


We spent the afternoon discussing drumming. He taught me about the historic presence of my instrument. How it preceded the spoken language and as such indigenous peoples revered the drummer because it was believed only he could speak to the gods. He taught me just how valuable drumming is for all of us.”

Jeremy continues to develop his drumming craft and while he no longer performs live. He continues to work on projects in his home studio, share his knowledge, and rock the kit daily.

Jeremy Larochelle Behind the Kit

Enjoy this curated playlist of Jeremy groovin' on the drums. It goes pretty far back... to when he actually had hair!

Jeremy with Masceo Band

Jeremy can be heard on the independent release Masceo by the group of the same name. The band would go on to sell nearly 5,000 copies out of their van, tour New England, and land on college radio from Maine to Texas.

Jam with Jeremy in His Drum Shed

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