Jeremy Larochelle – Content Creator

Jeremy Larochelle – Content Creator

Jeremy Larochelle – Content Creation

Photography – Writing – Graphic Design – Web Design

I have lived through the mediums of photography and graphic design as they changed from the traditional methods of the printed work to the digitized end result we live by today.  Throughout my evolution, I have been trained by masters in each craft, refining my skills in the fundamentals of each medium to better prepare for what would come next.


~ Jeremy Larochelle, MBA



While a senior in high-school and reporting for the school newspaper, I uncovered our janitorial staff illegally dumping all of our recycled materials into a landfill alongside our regular trash. The story caught the attention of the daily local paper, who offered me a job as a photojournalist.


This job would bring two important things into my life. The first, I was introduced to our editor. A Pulitzer-prize winning author who would take me under his wing, teach me how to write for the masses, and how to see the world with an unobjective view.


The second was the use of technology in the printing industry. In the course of two-years, I went from shooting my stories on traditional film, developing the images, and then pasting them to a broadsheet. To developing the film and scanning the images into a MAC computer where we edited them in this new program called Photoshop before paginating them in Quark for the press. Those quicker steps were soon shortened even further when I was introduced to the Internet and my first digital camera.


Despite these radical changes in technology, the fundamentals of photography, writing, and reporting on the world remain the same – seek and show the truth. A motto I still live by today.

*These images were scanned from the original prints used for the press and some from the papers themselves. They are grainy and not perfect, but neither is true photojournalism. 

Graphic Design:

I have always been "artistic." Drawing and painting came naturally to me and I was lucky enough that my parents helped push me in that direction. Throughout school, I spent most of my days divided between the music room and the art room. Taking advanced classes in both subjects.

During my Junior and Senior years in High School, I was introduced to the MAC computer and helped design our senior yearbook. I carried this knowledge into my time with the local newspaper where I was taught Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, and CorelDraw by our pre-press specialists.

The connection between technology and art came naturally for me. These skills caught the eye of a long-time friend who had the opportunity to purchase a small graphic design and print shop, but he needed a "techy" to help him run the company. He approached me about going into the printing business.

It didn't take too much convincing for me to hop on board and by the age of twenty, we had purchased Seventh Street Graphics. Robby took over the sales and press work and I assumed the helm of chief graphic designer and pre-press specialist.

Over the next seven years, I advanced my graphic design skills and efficiency further than most who had degrees in the field. I designed ten plus projects per day, earned awards for my work, and learned how to utilize newer technologies such as color copiers, Fiery rips, direct to plate printers, large format printing machinery, vinyl cutters, and other "digital" methods of design in both the MAC and PC platforms to advance our position.

Being ahead of the curve, we were one of the first shops in our area to launch an online website and I helped the team get it up and running. This trip into the World Wide Web led to me advancing my graphic design toolset into HTML, Social, and Database design.

Years later, I advanced my online skills even further by working with a top SEO specialist in designing the Mike Moloney Entertainment website in WordPress.


Programs I "Speak:"

Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Quark • CorelDraw • FinalCut Pro • Logic Pro • WordPress • SQL • Tableau • HTML • Word • Excel (Pivot Tables and Macros) • Powerpoint • Keynote • Numbers • Pages • Garageband • iMovie • StoryBoard Artist • Stage Plot Pro • WordPress • Dreamweaver • Python • NumPy • Pandas • Matplotlib •  Seaborn • SciPy • Scikit-learn • Anaconda •  Jupyter Notebook • Visual Studio Code •  Komodo

I am also proficient in both PC and MAC operating systems and have experience as an Apple Retail Employee and Store Mentor.