Concert Consumer Behavior Strategy

The use of concert consumer behavior in entertainment venues.

Consumer behavior is a powerful marketing tool that the world's best brands use to advance their market position.


Through in-depth studies in this subject combined with a lifetime "in the trenches" as a performer, educator, booking agent, and entertainment manager, Jeremy Larochelle, MBA has developed a strategy that applies these principles to the live events industry. 

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Jeremy's Concert Consumer Behavior Strategy Key Insights

What is Concert Consumer Behavior

Concert Consumer Behavior Core Strategy

Jeremy's research is founded on three internal influencers of consumer behavior.

  1. Perception

  2. Learning & Memory

  3. Motivation & Affect



Pack Behavior In Concerts

The course of human evolution has conditioned key parts of our brain to instinctively seek out the pack.

This leads to huge opportunities for venue owners, entertainment marketers, and concert operations personnel.



Positive stimuli responses in concert consumers.

Positive Stimuli Response

The power of the pack has numerous impacts on stimuli response in your concert consumer.

This can increase sales across the basket of goods offered in an entertainment venue.

Success with concert consumer behavior marketing strategy.

Concert Consumer Behavior in Action.

An understanding of how consumers are motivated helps establish a horizon marketing strategy that continually builds your crowd and aligns your operations with your concert consumer's needs. This leads to increased ROI over the long-run.

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From Jeremy Larochelle, MBA

"As a photojournalist, I was taught how to observe with an unbiased eye. How to dive deep for the facts and how to interact with people to get to the truth of the story.


As a touring drummer, I wound up with a very unique vantage point of the venues from which I performed. From my throne, I could watch how the room responded to our performance, how fans interacted with each other, and the patterns they created. I became good at predicting when guests would arrive, pack the dance floor, and when they would leave.

While studying for my MBA in Grad School, I dove deep into consumer behavior and became fascinated by the teachings of Ariely, Solomon, Jung, and McPhee to name a few. I would apply their lessons to the ten plus entertainment venues I was managing.  I witnessed correlations that led me to discoveries that included the impact of pack behavior, positive stimuli response, consumer routine forming, and audience compounding inside live venues.


I continue to research and share these theories.


Consumer behavior is used by many of the world’s top brands and I believe that live venues can also benefit from this style of behavioral economics and marketing strategy."

Jeremy's Concert Consumer Behavior Research and Insights.

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